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Research & Publications 

Research is at the heart of many of the programs and initiatives of Morija Museum & Archives, with an objective to make as much of that research available as possible to the public in different formats: on the website or social media, as publications or public lectures, or incorporated within exhibits, augmented reality, documentaries, animation, or other new media.


The Book Publishing Fund of Morija Museum & Archives has reprinted or published 30 titles since the early 1990s. They are books about Lesotho's history, heritage, culture and development, research and publications on the Lesotho Evangelical Church & other churches, as well as books on art, literature, and other topics.



As an institution that is dedicated to understanding, interpreting, and presenting both the broad outlines as well as the nuances and texture of history, tangible and intangible culture, spirituality, natural history, and the environment, it is only to be expected that research is at the heart of much that we do. Whether the research is carried out for the purposes of collections management or the construction of new exhibits, for outreach and education programs, for publications or for consultancies, or in aid of others involved in their own research activities, most staff members of Morija Museum are involved in this core activity.


As such, we actively utilise the Morija Archives and Museum collections for our own research activities, supplemented by other archival and museum collections, oral informants, etc, assist a range of researchers regarding their research topics, publish an increasing number of monographs and collections of essays (see our list of publications), arrange for Public Lectures and carry out numerous consultancies (see consultancies). With time, we hope to make much more of this research, in whatever form, available to the broader public through this website, and increasingly through new media.


The MMA established the Book Publishing Fund whose mission is to reprint outstanding books about Lesotho which are no longer easily available; publish relevant research from Morija Museum & Archives staff or others concerning Lesotho, its history, culture, environmental issues, or topical issues of importance; publish relevant material concerning the Lesotho Evangelical Church and other churches as well as incorporate research into film documentaries, augmented reality, animation or other creative formats for broader accessibility. Those wishing to know more about the Book Publishing Fund, and other research efforts, or submit manuscripts for publication should contact the Curator.

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