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The Morija Museum Collection 

Morija Museum holds a large and diverse collection of material culture from Lesotho, as well as smaller collections of Lesotho geology, palaeontology, archaeology, artwork, philately, etc. 


Its current exhibits range from the formation of the universe (Big Bang), meteorites, continental drift, geological formations, and dinosaur fossils, through to various hunter-gatherer cultures and then a great deal about the Basotho people, their history and culture, both material and intangible, together with maps, photographs, and other display material. Exhibits also include various large and smaller mammals that inhabit(ed) Lesotho, bird species, and reptiles. Art is also featured, including some of the outstanding sculptures of Samuel Makoanyane from the 1930s/early 1940s.


During the coming few years, a growing emphasis will be placed on complementary multimedia presentations, digital downloadable materials, and augmented reality.



A collection of stone artefacts from various hunter-gatherer cultures , as well as ceramics and other objects from the mixed farming communities who settled in the Caledon River valley from the 1600s .



A gallery of the art work by various Basotho artists,  ranging from drawings, paintings, 

sculpture and pottery by famous Basotho artists such as Tsepiso Lesenyeho.  


Basotho Material Culture 

A repository of Basotho artifacts, including household objects, clothing, weaponry, as well as sculpture found in the Morija area and beyond.


Geology & Meteorites 

A geological collection composed of objects like cobble stones, quartz, meteorites and petrified wood from Lesotho and the region.


Historical Archives 

The Morija Archives contain tens of thousands of documents dating from the 1820s until the current time, focusing largely on Lesotho/Basotho. 



Morija Museum also boasts a treasure trove of fossilized plants as well as dinosaur bones and footprints from all over Lesotho.

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