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Meet Our Board & Partners

A non-profit cultural & educational institution established in 1956 which belongs to Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa, Morija Museum & Archives (MMA) is dedicated to developing programmes and activities related to history, heritage, and community-based tourism, the arts, and culture, as well as science and the environment.


MMA is a pioneer in this regard, building upon the long-established traditions of creativity, innovation and excellence that have made Morija a major educational and cultural centre in Lesotho over the past two centuries. A small institution with a big heart, MMA’s programmes and activities have impacted widely across Lesotho.


Partnerships are very important to Morija Museum & Archives. They enable us to develop the museum, extend our reach and deliver a range of benefits to the community.



The Board is chosen every 4 years by the Executive Committee of the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa.


2017-2021 Board Members


  • Chairperson, Mr. Thabo Makara

  • Deputy Chairperson, Rev. LAT Motsamai

  • Treasurer, Mrs. Bonang M. Nts’euoa



  • Mrs. E.M. Sibolla

  • Rev. L. Makutoane

  • Adv. Mosito Mapetla



  • Ms. 'Mamokuena Makhema (Curator)

  • Mr. Pusetso Nyabela (Deputy Curator)

  • Mr. Teboho Hlaha (Accountant)

  • Ms. Tsepiso Mahase (Marketing & Promotions Officer)

  • Mr. Stephen Gill (Curator Emeritus)

 MMA Staff Members

  • Curator: Ms. 'Mamokuena Makhema

  • Vice Curator: Mr. Pusetso Nyabela

  • Documentalist: Ms. Mats’eliso Phethoka

  • IT Officer: Mr. Thabelo Chris Makhele

  • Marketing and Promotions Officer: Ms. Ts’episo Mahase

  • Collections Management and Exhibitions Officer: Ms. Keletso Selialia

  • Accountant: Mr. Teboho Hlaha

  • Research Officer: Ms. Liako Mahao

  • Groundskeeper: Mr. Makalo Seutloali

  • Cleaner: Mrs. ‘Malecheko Semithe


MMA enjoys significant support from the Ministry of Tourism, Environment & Culture as well as a range of other partners.

MMA’s auditors are Moteane, Quashie & Associates (P/Bag A169, Plot 582 Hoohlo, Maseru 100;


Our Partners

Our Current Partners are:


  • Ministry of Tourism, Environment & Culture

  • Ministry of Education & Training

  • Netherlands-Lesotho Foundation

  • Selibeng sa Thuto Educational Trust

  • Italian Embassy, Pretoria

  • Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation

  • Selemela Learning Network

  • Relationships Inspiring Social Enterprise

  • Music in Africa Foundation

  • Alliance Française Maseru



Thank you to all of our past partners for their support.


  • Albert Brutsch

  • Alliance Française/French Counsel to Lesotho/French Government

  • Anthony Maeder

  • Barclays Bank (Lesotho)

  • British High Commission

  • British Library

  • Canada Fund

  • Central Bank of Lesotho

  • Cory Library

  • David Ambrose

  • David Hall/Sechaba Consultants

  • Dirk Schwager

  • Disciples of Christ

  • Embassy of Austria (Pretoria)

  • Embassy of Finland (Pretoria)

  • EU/Micro-Projects Management Unit

  • Evangelisches Missionswerk Deutschland

  • Family Search International

  • Ford Foundation

  • Friends of Lesotho (USA)

  • Goldfields of South Africa

  • Helvetas (Lesotho)

  • Irish Aid (Lesotho)

  • Kingsway Construction

  • Lelapa la Matji

  • Lesotho Bank / Standard Lesotho Bank

  • Lesotho Flour Mills

  • Lesotho Highlands Project Consultants

  • Morija Printing Works

  • Metropolitan Lesotho

  • Presbyterian Church of the United States (PCUSA)

  • Paul Ellenberger

  • P.B. Jandrell & Son

  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

  • Rotary Club of Lesotho

  • South African Trade Mission

  • Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)


  • United States Information Service (USIS)

  • US Ambassadors’ Fund for Cultural Preservation

  • US Peace Corps

  • Yale University

  • And many dozens of public and private organisations and companies that supported the Morija Arts & Cultural Festival / National School Cultural Competitions during the period 1999-2014.

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