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Morija Arts Centre 

The Morija Art Centre includes the Maeder House Gallery and a number of converted storerooms. It is now in the process of taking responsibility for the old MEL Garage facilities in order to enhance and expand its programs in arts education, skills training, events, and exhibitions as well as continue to offer space for creativity, production, and business incubation. 


The aim of the Morija Arts Centre is to provide artists and interested people with a space in which to learn, build their creativity and livelihoods. The Centre provides mentoring and practical learning opportunities, space and equipment, as well as exchange programs in the visual arts, craft, and design, but also in other performing and practical arts. 


Morija Arts Centre is always on the lookout for volunteers seeking to make art more accessible in Lesotho. The centre offers a wide range of opportunities, from helping at special events to aiding teachers in the classrooms of local schools and assisting with art projects. Benefits of working with the centre include Networking and socialising with artists and other talented volunteers, learning new skills in arts & crafts, event management, and marketing & communications, encouraging creative expression among program participants, and building a sense of community in Morija and the Maseru region. 

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