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Phase II Expansion Project

Given the great strides made in programme development over the past three decades and growth in the number of staff members, volunteers, and collaborators, the current infrastructure – originally intended to house only the Archives – has become increasingly inadequate and congested. Thus, the MMA Board has revised plans for this expansion project, so that Lesotho’s leading institution of culture and heritage management can move into the future with confidence. The centrepiece of the plan is the proposed two-storey addition. It would: create more room for museum exhibits, archival collections, and researchers, provide for a multi-purpose room, additional offices and workspace, enhance existing facilities, and provide space for new income-generating activities. The entire building will be more energy efficient and user-friendly to the physically challenged.

At the same time, both Morija Arts Centre and The Hub are also seeking funding for major expansion and/or renovation / re-purposing of facilities. 

Timing, Goals, and Benefits

Phase II should take 3 years to complete. Assuming that funding is located during 2023/24, the new facilities would be opened to the public in 2026/27.

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